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Maximize your time, duplicate yourself

Expand your reach with owning your domain and website for total control of your business future…

We recognize the real challenges you face and we build websites to help you solve problems and succeed.

Doopy Sites are built to compliment, not replace your ordering website. Use the two sites together and grow exponentially.

Websites designed to fit your needs

Get the most of your busy days with automating some of the time consuming but important tasks needed to build and run a successful home-based business.

book appointments

Schedule call backs directly from your site and get notified via email.

email Lead capture

Multiple engagement options for visiting potential customers to interact prior to making a purchase.

prospecting tool

Owning your own domain opens reach possibilities difficult to achieve with a company site.

Learn skills to grow your business all from the comfort of home

Take advantage of technology by not limiting your business to your geographical location.

Ideal for:

Take your business to the next level

get a doopy site

Small Print Details – Monthly Maintenance Fee (MMF)

  • Basic MMF – $25/Month – includes site monitoring and One (1) schedule edit/month
  • Builder MMF – $50/Month – includes Basic and weekly schedule edits (4x/month)
  • $150 Deposit Required (all packages)



*plus MMF
  • Domain Creation (1 YR)
  • Site Hosting (1 YR)
  • Site Creation/Activation
Most popular choice



*best flexibility w/$50 savings – MMF Fee in 3rd month
  • Everything in Basic Package
  • 2 months Builder MMF Included
  • Site Creation/Activation

builder plus


*MMF Fee in 3rd month
  • Everything in Builder Package
  • Digital Business Card to Promote Site
  • Site Creation/Activation
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additional questions please email:

Doopy Sites are built to work in tandem with your existing site and helps build relationships with potential customers before a purchase making decision. Also, your company’s info (or company) may change but your Doopy Site stays consistent. In the event of a change in company info that can be easily updated on your Doopy Site covered under your MMF.

Doopy Sites do not use any Trademark items nor images with copyright protection (no legal issues).

Your site can be used as a marketing tool to help drive traffic to your main ordering site. Add your site address to marketing materials and outgoing communications (email signatures, texts, etc). Have relevant content prepared to share with email and phone requests from your Doopy Site. Remember, your site is a tool and like all tools the effectiveness is dependent on the user.

Once the required deposit and the submission forms have been delivered the 1st draft for review should be available within 5 days. Doopy Sites are built to streamline for a niche market that follows a similar template – this helps reduce turnaround time.

Yes – the MMF (Monthly Maintenance Fee) is required for all websites. Doopy Sites are fully functional responsive landing pages that requires consistent monitoring for optimal site health – additionally one of the great features of a Doopy Site is booking appointments – your MMF allows flexibility to update your schedule as your calendar changes.

All deposits are non-refundable. Please be certain of moving forward once your deposit and submission forms are delivered. There are unrecoverable fees and time spent to begin building a website prior to 1st draft review.